The Health Gate Model A is our successful model with the possibility of contactless hand disinfection and body temperature measurement.  


To offer a flexible all-in-one solution, there are new options with Model W, a small and effective solution for multi-room buildings such as schools, hotels, conference canters, public buildings or for anyone who just wants to expand their existing hygiene and health concept.


The Model W can be used either alone or in combination with the Model A.


Several countries are planning to introduce body temperature measurement as a guideline or law, especially in schools, to speed up reopening and the return to normality.


The special feature of both Models is the Bluetooth connection to our own app, which enables an important control function without violating the applicable distance rules.


They both measures body temperature within 1 second, making it possible to measure and control large numbers of people in a very short time.


The app can be downloaded from the Apple Apps Store or Google Play under the name Health Gate Temperature.



Model A unit price


plus tax and transport


Model W unit price


plus tax and transport

Our mission is to contribute to a safe and fast reopening of our society, where employees and customers can feel safe through a simple preventive diagnosis that does not require additional staff and can be in operation 24 hours a day.


Washing and disinfecting hands effectively prevented the spread of viruses and pathogenic bacteria. Temperature control has become another basic and routine activity in all the places we are staying.


We believe that our stations can not only help society prevent the further spread of the pandemic, but also teach us how to control our own safety during a pandemic itself.