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3 inch. Digital Display
Non-contact hand disinfectionions
Optimal position for logo
Bluetooth connection

US$ 1.428,00

1 to 5 US$ 1.368,00

6 to 20 US$ 1.306,00

Plus  VAT and Transport

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Fro, UKP 1.023,00 to UKP 937,00 US$ plus VAT ans Transport
Please check your currency befor ordering
1 to 5 litre disinfection containers

Automatic test and disinfection station


The elegant appearance is one of the advantages of the Health Gate test and disinfection station.


The Healtd Gate  is available in black or white. 

The base plate and the frame are available in three color variations, so that the unit can be individually adapted to the selected room. 

A built-in 3.2-inch screen displays the measured body temperature.

If an elevated temperature is detected, the unit immediately changes color and triggers an audible tone so that the employee, like receptionist, can initiate a safety procedure.

In addition, there is a free app for model A with Bluetooth connection so that the current temperature is transmitted with the appropriate safety distance and transmitted to third parties.

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