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Congratulations on your new Health Gate. 


Please do not forget to dispose of the packaging material in an environmentally friendly manner or drop it off at a recycling station.


Included in your delivery is:

1 unit without base (colors may vary).

1 base and 4 screws (screws are located on the inside of the door).

2 keys for the door on the back (inside of the door)

1 empty 5 liter container for the disinfection liquid (inside of the door)

1 charger input 220 to 230 V output 5 V 3.0 A (inside of the door)


To make the unit ready for operation:

(1) First place the unit horizontally in a safe place.

(2) Attach the bottom plate with the 4 screws provided.

(3) Place the Healthgate back in an upright position.



On the back of the device is the on-off switch. 

- Click once to turn it on (4 green LED's full charge, one LED /25% please recharge only with enclosed charger).

- Device ready for temperature measurement and hand disinfection (white successively flashing LED's and red light bar at the bottom, see display in front)

Automatic temperature measurement (forehead in front of sensor) green light bar or red if out of tolerance)

Hold hands in large opening and automatically receive disinfection mist. Rub liquid with hands.

- double click to switch off (standby for temperature measurement WITHOUT disinfection, see display in front with white LEDs flashing one after the other). 

- Temperature measurements e.g. with wrist always possible with size differences, like children or wheelchair users. Always keep distance to the measuring sensor. 


A 100% charge takes 5 hours. When fully charged, the device has energy for 48 hours of operation. When the device is not in use it is automatically in standby mode. The device can remain in standby mode for 72 hours.


Exchange or refill of the storage tanks.

We recommend a complete exchange of the storage tank.

In case of exchange, please dispose of the old tank in an environmentally friendly way.

The storage tank with cap (4cm diameter) holds up to 5 liters, but smaller units are possible as long as the tube is covered with liquid. Use only approved disinfectants and carefully read the instructions and warnings for each product. PLEASE DO NOT USE GEL!

On the left inner side of the door is the black hose with screw cap. After filling, close the container and place it on the bottom of the unit. After that close the door with the supplied key (protection) 

After each exchange of the storage tank or new filling, please use the hand disinfection several times to ensure the filling of the hose. 


2 battery systems. 

The 1st (main) battery system also supplies the battery of the temperature measuring device (measurements even when the main battery is empty) for 48 hours

Do not leave the charger connected all the time.


Ready for use in standby mode 72 hours.

In normal operation XXX users per hour XX hours. Please wait for test phase.


When the batteries are charged and there is disinfectant in the reservoir, the instrument is ready for use.


How to use the temperature meter?

Hold your forehead less than 10 cm away from the infrared display. The harmless blue light is a distance signal that indicates when someone is using the device. It switches back to standby mode until the next use. After that, the red infrared light reports your body temperature.


For children and wheelchair users, a measurement can also be taken with the inside of the wrist.


If your body temperature is between 32.0° and 43.0°, the result is shown on the display. If the temperature is below 32.0°, an "L" for low is shown and if the temperature is above 43.0°, an "H" for high is shown (see display in front). 

If the temperature is ok, it will light up green, if the temperature is too high, it will light up red.


Application with the app:

The Health-Gate app can be downloaded for free from the App Store. Search for Health-Gate Temperature in the App Store.

After downloading and installing, you must connect the app to the meter by pressing CONNECT in the upper right corner; make sure the meter is turned on first.

In addition, an alarm can be set (top left), which is triggered when a measured value is higher than the set tolerance.


The maximum distance between the app and the meter depends on the environment where the meter is placed.


Multiple notification.

An app can be connected to multiple meters and display the results of all recorded measurements. The temperature meter can be connected to only one app (initial connection) at a time (privacy protection).



Maintain gauge with normal household cleaners.



For indoor use only.

Always place the device on a flat surface to prevent it from tipping over.

Do not place the device in the blazing sun, but only at temperatures between 10° and 30°.

Use only approved disinfectants, also for allergy sufferers.

Do not set up the device near an open fire.

Always keep the door to the interior of the unit closed.

Check the disinfection liquid regularly.

Use the disinfection only for your hands.

There is no liability for the disinfection liquids and in connection with any extraordinary use of the meter.

The temperature measurement results are for your information only, and do not guarantee that you are virus-free. If in doubt, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

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